Airbnb Offers To Help Federal Employees Affected By Shutdown


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – If you’re a federal employee willing to open up your home to visitors, Airbnb wants to help you make some extra cash.

Any executive branch employees who share their home for three nights, anytime over the next three months will get paid an extra night from Airbnb, up to $110.

This also applies to people who host “experiences” which are things like tours of the city, hikes, shopping trips and more.

Liz DeBold Fusco is the Northeast Press Secretary at Airbnb.

“We’ve always seen ourselves as a platform for economic empowerment, and as federal executive branch employees begin to go without a paycheck, it’s our hope that our platform can continue to be an economic resource for them as they potentially are struggling.”

The program is retroactive, adding an extra night to any stays after December 18th, and lasting until March 18th, and its open to current and new hosts.

$110 is the average per night stay on the app.