‘American Graduates’ Honored at Corning High School Learning Center


Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Tomorrow, three more students from WSKG’s American Graduate project will walk up to the podium and receive their high school diploma. Yay! We extend our congratulations to these three and all the student participants in our media production partnership with Corning-Painted Post High School Learning Center. Since the premiere of their thoughtful videos, nine students have officially joined the club we spend so much time reflecting on: They are American Graduates!

Class of June 2016

Skyler Callahan
Cody Scott
Faith Sutton

Class of February 2016

Mika Evans
Corey Hoover

Class of October 2015

Merissa Butler
Nicole Keili
Joey Usma
Ryan VanAmburg

Class of June 2015

Lennon Kruckow

Future American Graduates of the Class of October 2016

Christian Ackerman
Brooke White

group of high school students

American Graduate student participants visit WSKG Studios for Media Boot Camp. September 21, 2015

The videos linked from names above were scripted, voiced, recorded and edited by student producers. In partnership with the High School Learning Center, students explored their personal path to graduation while learning production skills from WSKG’s youth media curriculum.



American Graduate is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.