Arctic Mosquito Swarms, Our Shrinking Moon, and a ‘Dislike’ Button


It’s our favorite day of the week- Science Friday!!

Climate change is shrinking habitat ranges and causing population declines in species worldwide, but one group is thriving in the warmer temperatures: Arctic mosquitoes. Washington Post reporter Rachel Feltman discusses why these insects are booming, and shares other science stories making headlines this week.

Plus, at a Q&A at Facebook headquarters this week, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network is working on something akin to the “dislike” button that some users have long desired. Slate senior technology writer Will Oremus explores the good and bad of Facebook’s move beyond the thumbs-up.

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photo: Female mosquitoes (left) emerge from Arctic ponds in search of blood from caribou or other wildlife, whereas the males (right) go to a nearby flower to drink its nectar and await the perfect mate. The males are important pollinators of Arctic plants. Photo by Lauren Culler