'Art of Binghamton' Features Binghamton Architecture


‘Art of Binghamton’ is an exhibit of art of various media focusing on Binghamton landmarks, some no longer standing. Artists Matthew Card and Steven Palmer talk about their contributions and the process of gathering this collection.  All of the artists are from the greater Binghamton area. The exhibit is on display at the Roberson Museum and Science Center, and the exhibit will move to the Bundy Museum in October, along with some new pieces.

“Each piece is a depiction of, or relating to, Binghamton’s past, present and future. The most impressive aspect of the show is that it is represents a diverse set of media from classical to advanced digital, that will offer an eye opening viewpoint behind the interest and history Binghamton has to offer.

Artwork by: Matthew Card  Victor Lay, Hall Groat II , David Skyrca, Danielle Herman, Steven Palmer, Kirk & Lesli Van Zandbergen, Mike Ricciardi, Chuck Haupt, Thomas LaBarbera, Drew Lewis, Gregory Milunich, Amara Kopakova, Rebecca Collins, Scott Anderson, Robert C. Johnston.”


Photo credit: Matthew Card