A Farewell From Host Mike Flynn And ‘The Folk Sampler’


BINGHAMTON, NY (WSKG) – After over 35 years of entertaining public radio audiences, Host/Producer Mike Flynn is retiring. In a letter sent out earlier this month, Flynn announced production of The Folk Sampler will stop after July 1’s final program.

“I’ll recapture my weekends, and other days as well,” said Flynn.

The Folk Sampler has been in national syndication since 1982. It is heard each week over public from Alaska to Florida, from the East coast to the West.

The Folk Sampler offers a mix of traditional music, folk, bluegrass and blues. Each program revolves around a theme, anything from trains to holidays to the anguish of love.

“Generating themes is easy,” Flynn said. He uses the themes as a way to explore ideas in his own mind. Much of folk music is social or political, Flynn said. As a young man, he heard musicians such as Bob Dylan grating out protests to war.

On WSKG radio, the hourlong program will continue through July 1 on Sundays at 4:00 am and 1:00 pm.

On Sunday mornings, WSKG plans to replace The Folk Sampler with Crystal Sarakas’ program Free Range Folk.  On Sunday afternoons at 1:00 o’clock, it will be replaced by the public radio folk fan favorite Etown.

4 thoughts on “A Farewell From Host Mike Flynn And ‘The Folk Sampler’

  1. Thank you for the wonderful music and messages. One always learned something new listening to your program. Each show was a peaceful journey and perspective altering experience. I will miss your voice dearly…

  2. I have always looked forward to listening to the Folk Sampler and the reassuring, comforting sound of Mike Flynn’s voice.
    Enjoy your retirement!

  3. I enjoyed your last radio show last night. Hope your retirement is blessed with good health and contentment. You have earned some ” Me” time.

  4. Dear Mr. Flynn,
    It must have been fate, perfect in time that is, that I just got in my truck and turned my radio on just to hear the last of your words and the last song you played on the Folk Sampler. It put tears in my my eyes.
    I want to thank you. Thank you for all your taste and class; all your personal dedication and wonder. I have loved your show and listened to it for years upon years. It was usually by random accident that I would find you on my radio on Saturday night. It was great. Now the world has turned a little; it will never be the same again. All these songs that never make the radio; and all the beautiful artists you featured and knew, were a treasure. You are a part of America the Beautiful,
    I will never forget you. It was awesome driving my truck listening to the songs you played. Like it was said, son, that was solid country gold pouring out of the radio.
    I always wanted to meet you. Play music for you. I am a flute player, a guitar player keeping Waylon’s spirit and voice in my songs.
    And to learn that your show was not all that you did, is inspirational indeed.
    Thank you sir. May God always bless you, guard you and watch over you.
    Thank you.

    Magdy Ghobrial. Cameron Oklahoma.

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