First Watch: LVL UP, ‘The Closing Door’


Life is like an endless forest lined with many paths, each leading to an entirely different experience. But what happens if you leave the path altogether?

A young man walks through a sunny wood in a scene from LVL UP's new video for "The Closing Door."

A young man walks through a sunny wood in a scene from LVL UP’s new video for “The Closing Door.”

In a new video for the LVL UP song “The Closing Door,” a young, wide-eyed man walks purposefully through a beautiful wood, searching for … something. A way home? Spiritual enlightenment? He eventually scales a towering tree until he comes upon a rustic wooden floor with a door hidden in the branches. He pushes it open and emerges in a warmly lit living room where a group of friends waits with loving smiles. It feels like an afterlife.

“I don’t know what I’m looking for,” sings LVL UP’s Dave Benton. “The closing door has brought my body here before.”

“The Closing Door” is from LVL UP’s new album, Return To Love, out Sept. 23 on Sub Pop Records. The video was directed by Robert Kolodny and features musician Sean Henry.

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