Grace Kelly refreshes us with her music and choice of mint tea


Grace Kelly is a 21-year old singer, songwriter, saxophonist, composer, arranger… Yep, she does a lot. She brought her talent, energy and soulful style into WSKG’s Green Room for a private performance. Though she came to our studios direct from a performance in East Meredith, a small upstate New York town, Kelly leaves soon for a tour in Germany. She tells us about the lead track to her new album, Live from Scullers, we ask her what it’s like to be called a “prodigy” (so that weknow what to say in case someone ever calls us that), and Kelly wows host Sarah Gager during a word association game. The interview starts at 4:36 in the video above.

Set List:

“Night Time Star” from Live from Scullers (starts at 0:00)
An arrangement of “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers (starts at 7:43)
“Please Don’t Box Me In” from Live from Scullers (starts at 12:55)Tweet with us at #TeaSharp

Hosted by Sarah Gager
Produced by Teresa Peltier and Sarah Gager
Special thanks to Joshua B Ludzki and Andy Pioch


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