History Repeats itself in a Major Drama


Ti-Ahwaga Community Players present Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’. http://tiahwaga.com/  It’s a retelling of the story of the Salem Witch Trials, but it is famously a metaphor for the McCarthy Hearings during the Red Scare of the 1950’s that pulled Miller himself into its vortex.  We hear about the history of the play, and the historical events the play is based on from director James Osborne.

“Based on the infamous witch trials that took place in Salem, Massachusetts, from 1692 to 1693, a deeply tragic yet captivating thriller emerges as a social and psychological play. Through the unfolding action of the events, situations arise that brings with it hysteria and a definite us or them mentality. This captivating 1949 Pulitzer Prize winning play maintains its relevancy to modern day events by demonstrating the electrifying intensity that is born out of the ideology of paranoia and mayhem. Characters within this parable of society are boiled down to their essence and ultimately display what happens when conforming to those in power.”



Photo credit: Russ Baker via Ti-Ahwaga Community Players