Infinitus keeps us infinitely entertained with music and lychee tea


Infinitus is a beatboxing string trio. Their stringed sounds and complimentary beats brought our Green Room to a whole new level of cool. Infinitus came to us right after a stop at Johnson City School District where they wowed the students with the same fusion music, plus perspectives on what it means to make and hear music. Hear more about the do-good mission behind their genre-bending tunes during Sarah’s interview starting at 7:18.

Set List:
“Bumblebee” from Infinitus (starts at 0:00)
“Mozart on My Mind” from Infinitus (starts at 1:37)
“Bach Remixed” from Infinitus (starts at 11:33)Tweet with us at #TeaSharp

Hosted by Sarah Gager
Produced by Teresa Peltier and Sarah Gager
Special thanks to Brian Frey

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