Joe Stanky & The Cadets, Show Two


Joe Stanky & The Cadets return to WSKG’s Let’s Polka to entertain our studio audience with another tremendous half hour of music. From Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley, this group has been performing for close to thirty years and the experience shows in their steady and versatile playing. The group’s range stretches from standard polkas to obereks to even country.  Highlights of this set include, ‘Polka Party’, ‘Dancing Mouse Polka’ and ‘Half as Much’. Bill Flynn hosts and chats with the band on-stage.

“Polka Party”
“Blue Eyes Blink”
“Shining Moon Oberek”
“Dancing Mouse Polka”
“Half as Much”
“Polka 1,2,3”
“Last Cheater’s Waltz”

LET’S POLKA FACT: Joe’s brother John has also appeared on Let’s Polka with his group, the Coalminers.

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