Expressions welcomes the Irish/Celtic rock group Kilrush to the stage. Kilrush has been a steady fixture in New York & northern Pennsylvania’s Irish/Celtic music scene since 2001. Originally established as a “session group”, with a repertoire focusing primarily on traditional Irish music, Kilrush has expanded and refined their sound over the years. By blending Celtic rock, acoustic, and Americana, they have refined a sound they’ve taken to calling “Triple Distilled Celtic Rock”. Based in the Southern Tier region of New York State, Kilrush has been a mainstay at several of the largest festivals in the region including Irish 2000, The Great American Irish Festival, and North Country Goes Green, to name a few. They have the frequent privilege of appearing with many acclaimed national and international acts that are well known in the Irish/Celtic genre. It has been said that a Kilrush show is meant to be seen as well as heard, and it’s often hard to tell who is having more fun, the crowd or the guys on stage. Their onstage enthusiasm is a reflection of their love of what they do both on and offstage. They are as much a fan of the music (and those that make it) as anyone, and can often be found in the crowd enjoying other bands’ sets when their own time on stage is done. This set was recorded in front of a live studio audience in 2009.

BAND MEMBERS: Tim Sanphy, Colin Carpenter, Dirk Sears, Chris Sherwood, Chris Sharman, Daniel Folkers

For more information about Kilrush please visit their website at:

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