Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ Plays in a Mysterious Theatre


Kitchen Theatre welcomes Fitz&Startz Production for ‘The Mystery of the Magic Flute’, a re-imagining of Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ with music from other Mozart operas for a detective story for kids about a mysterious theatre.

“Three American girls–Bettina age 15, Anna age 12, and Suz age 9–are off to Salzburg, Austria with their Uncle Wolfie to see the sights and experience going to the opera in Mozart’s home town. Uncle Wolfie has told his nieces about a mysterious opera house that is on a street with no name and is not on any map. Can they find it? When Uncle Wolfie turns a corner and disappears and a mysterious door appears, the girls decide to enter. They find a company of opera singers who have been stuck in time for 125 years! Can Bets, Anna and Suz get them out of their time warp? And, how many times must they perform The Magic Flute before the spell is broken? For lovers of music, mysteries and merriment, The Mystery of the Magic Flute is a delight.”

Creator Rachel Lampert joins us to help solve the mystery.


Photo credit: Fitz&Startz Productions