Hear Here! | LOL


Some people think that classical music is lifeless and boring. They might be in for some surprises during this episode of Hear Here! Classical music can be amusing, funny, or just plain wacky, like the soundtrack of a crazy cartoon. We will discover how music can actually make us laugh.

LOL was produced by Sam Goodyear and edited by Gabe Altieri. Additional editing support comes from Monica Sandreczki. Sarah Gager is our executive producer.

This episode features music from Flau’jae and below are some resources to extend the conversation in your classroom:

Draw to the Music | Arthur
Music: Re-Mix Studio | SCETV’s Knowitall Collection
Music Improvisation | Dinosaur Train

Guiding Questions
~What types of music do you notice in the background of your favorite cartoon?
~How has music entertained people throughout history?
~Describe music that you might hear playing at a wedding, a birthday party, or a holiday gathering. What makes that music special and how does it make you feel?