Operalogue: 'Hansel and Gretel'


Binghamton University Professor Paul Schleuse explains the plot of the opera assisted by members of the cast.

Host: General Director Susan Ashbaker

Conductor: Vlad Iftinca

Stage Director: Cara Consilvio

Gretel: Stacey Geyer

Hansel: Mary Beth Nelson

Mother, Gertrude: Abigail Smith

Father, Peter: Scott Purcell

Sandman: Christina Russo (Friday, Sunday); Karima Jibril (Saturday)

Dew Fairy: Lianne Aharony (Friday, Sunday); Lauren Silberstein (Saturday)

Witch: Jordan Schreiner

Children’s Chorus: Sarah Gonz, Gwen Germond, Rosalie McNally, Rónán O’Connell, Madi Rychlicki, Brett Salzman, Madelyn Sheehan, Natalie Sheehan

Children’s Chorus prepared by Ian McDonald

Uninvited guest performer: Jake Stamatis

Accompanist: John Elam


Photo credit: danoxster via Flickr

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