Painter Brian Keeler


Brian Keeler was born in 1953 and he began his art study early in life as his father was a painter as well. More through osmosis than direct teaching he was inspired to paint and encouraged by his father’s example. He continued to have an interest in drawing and painting throughout his youth, which led him to study first at Keystone College near Scranton,PA and then at the York Academy of Arts in York, PA. While in York he studied realistic painting under the auspices of Tom Wise, Ted Fitzkee, Virgil Sova, William Faulkler and others. He has since studied with several other accomplished realist painters including Dan Greene, Everett Kinstler, Jack Beal and Nelson Shanks. Graduating from the York School in 1975, he has pursued his career as fine artist ever since while winning numerous awards and having shows throughout the northeast and beyond. Portrait painting was the mainstay early on in his career with landscape and other explorations taking precedent later, but his work always showing a decidedly realist and representational preference.