Polka Quads, Show Three


For the third time this season, The Polka Quads take the Let’s Polka stage. John Salov, Mark Dubrovec and Vinny Horoschock traveled from Steelton, Pennsylvania to perform their Slovenian style of polka for a live studio audience and the results are eclectic. Performances include  the ‘Dance Dance Dance Polka’, ‘Rose of Rio Waltz’ and the rousing ‘Quads Finale’.  Hosted by Bill Flynn, this program also includes a short interview with John where he remembers advice that the legendary Frank Yankovic gave him.

“Pecon In Europe Polka”
“Theresa Polka & Oj Marica Peglaj”
“My Darling Ann Waltz”
“Little Green Valley Waltz”
“Dance Dance Dance Polka”
“Uncle Jake’s Polka”
“Rose of Rio Waltz”
“Quads Finale”

If you are interested in joining WSKG’s Let’s Polka Club, please contact Chris DiRienzo at (607) 729-0100 ext. 385

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