POV Tea Time


Can we talk? The answer has been a resounding “yes” for a group of five Chilean women who have gathered once a month for the past 60 years to speak their minds—and reveal the current state of their hearts and souls. In an abiding ritual of friendship and survival, these now-elderly Santiago women have come together for tea and pastries—and talk—during an era of intense social and personal change. Director Maite Alberdi, granddaughter of one of the group members, captures their intimate, charming gatherings in Tea Time, which has its national broadcast premiere on POV on Monday, July 27 at 10 p.m.

Watch the entire program until 8/25/15:

Enjoy the program trailer:

“Tea Time takes us through a rite of friendship and shows the importance of traditions and celebrations and how rituals can help life make sense,” says Alberdi. Want to get the full experience and make some delicious Chilean pastries? Find recipes on the PBS Food Blog.

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