Wallander The Final Season on Masterpiece


Kenneth Branagh (My Week with MarilynShackleton) returns as InspectorKurt Wallander in the Swedish sleuth’s farewell episodes, bringing the beloved,Emmy®-nominated series to a poignant end. Neither carnage, corruption, orterrifying lapses of memory can keep this brooding detective from cracking cases.Based on the novels of Henning Mankell, the Wallander series was recently praisedas “satisfyingly twist-filled and chilling in every sense” by Entertainment Weekly.In the final mysteries, Branagh gives a heartbreaking performance of a gritty copstarting to lose his grip.

The White Lioness” airs Sunday, May 8, 2016; 9:00 – 10:30pm on WSKG TV.
The case of a missing Swede in South Africa leads Wallander down a dangerous path. Worst of all, he’s having blackouts.
A Lesson in Love” airs Sunday, May 15, 2016; 9:00 – 10:30pm on WSKG TV.
A knife-slashed corpse takes Wallander on a chase for the victim’s missing daughter. Increasingly forgetful, he breaks a cardinal rule of policing.
The Troubled Man” airs Sunday, May 22, 2016; 9:00 – 10:30pm on WSKG TV.
With his memory failing, Wallander draws on primal instincts to crack a decades-old submarine mystery. But is it finally curtains for Kurt?

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