As Rochester Bishop Turns 75, He Will Submit Letter Of Resignation


ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – Bishop Salvatore Matano of the Rochester Catholic Diocese says that he will submit his resignation to Pope Francis this month.

According to a letter to parishioners posted on Monday, Matano noted that this month he will turn 75, and in accordance with Church law, he will submit his letter of resignation.


Matano said that at that point, it is entirely up to Pope Francis regarding his acceptance of the resignation and when it will become effective. Matano noted that several other Diocesan Bishops in the United States are continuing past 75 years of age until the Pope appoints their successors.

In terms of how much longer he would want to stay on, Matano wrote that, “I would hope to be able to see the Diocese through to the completion of the bankruptcy process, thereby relieving my successor of this painful situation.”

Matano added that, “His will be the task of rebuilding and, I pray, a new time will dawn and this very sad episode of our diocesan history is passed, but always praying daily for all who suffered through this period and taking every precaution that the grievous sins of the past are not repeated.”

In the letter released on Monday, Matano said that September 12 will mark two years since the Rochester Diocese filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, which the Bishop said was done to address “in the best and fairest manner possible the now approximately 475 claims (this is the number of claims, not the number of persons accused) brought against the Diocese by the survivors of childhood sexual abuse by clergy, religious and laity.”

Matano said that a U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge in July ordered the parties involved to return to in-person mediation, but Matano said due to the spike in the coronavirus alternate arraignments have been made to conduct the mediation.

Matano was appointed Bishop of the Rochester Catholic Diocese in 2013, replacing Bishop Matthew Clark, who held that post for 33 years before retiring in September 2012.