New Kids Lineup Begins Monday, June 5th


Thank you for trusting WSKG as safe, educational space for your family! We’ve updated our main channel TV schedule just in time for summer! Changes begin Monday, June 5, 2017.

Monday – Friday 

6:00am | Thomas and Friends
6:30am | Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
7:00am | Ready Jet Go!
7:30am | Wild Kratts
8:00am | Nature Cat
8:30am | Curious George
9:00am | Curious George
9:30am | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
10:00am | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
10:30am | Splash and Bubbles
11:00am | Splash and Bubbles
11:30am | Sesame Street
12:00pm | Sesame Street
12:30pm | Super Why!
1:00pm | Peg + Cat
1:30pm | Dinosaur Train
2:00pm | Ready Jet Go!
2:30pm | Nature Cat
3:00pm | Nature Cat
3:30pm | Wild Kratts
4:00pm | Wild Kratts
4:30pm | Odd Squad
5:00pm | Odd Squad
5:30pm | Arthur


PBS Kids Logo6:00am | Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
6:30am |Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
7:00am | Sid the Science Kid
7:30am | Sesame Street
8:00am | Splash and Bubbles
8:30am | Nature Cat
9:00am | Ready Jet Go!
9:30am | Wild Kratts
10:00am | Odd Squad
10:30am | Martha Speaks