Chasing the Dream Series Finale, Season 3, Ep. 8

We revisit some of the organizations that were featured in the series. We also speak to Amanda McIntyre, Executive Director of the Klee Foundation, about the inspiration for Chasing the Dream, and how by telling the stories of people in our community, Chasing the Dream can help foster understanding and compassion towards our neighbors here in the Southern Tier.

Chasing the Dream, Season 3, Ep. 7

This episode of Chasing the Dream takes a look at suicide, and the effect it has on family members and loved ones. Karen Heisig, with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and Deborah Duffek, a suicide prevention advocate, share their experience with losing someone to suicide, and how it moved them to work with others facing similar tragedies. Resources for this episode:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Grief Support for Suicide Loss Survivors

National Institute of Mental Health

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide


Chasing the Dream, Season 3, Ep 6


Chasing the Dream: Veterans. We visit the Stand With Me Service Dog Team Training Program to see how some veterans are coping with life after being in the service by training their own service dogs. We Speak with Cara Tilton, Vice President of the Southern Tier Veterans Support Group, about the needs of local veterans, and the services available to them. We also visit a veteran living in Bath, NY. Resources from this episode:

Binghamton Veterans Center

Stand With Me

Clear Path for Veterans

US Department of Veterans Affairs


Chasing the Dream: Season 3: Ep 5


Chasing the Dream: Food Pantries and Food Banks.  This week on Chasing the Dream, we take a look at the work that the Food Bank of the Southern Tier is doing in our region, how food pantries are an integral part of a complex system to make sure that no family goes without food, and how COVID-19 has impacted those in need as well as the organizations working hard to help them. We also speak with Dan Egan, Executive Director of Feeding New York State, about the challenges of food distribution on a state-wide scale. Resources from this episode:

Food Bank of the Southern Tier

Feeding New York State

Nourish New York


Chasing the Dream, Season 3: Ep 4

Farming now and Beyond: This episode of Chasing the Dream takes a look at the modern farmer, the struggles that they face every day, and the organizations that are offering them support. Host Natasha Thompson interviews Kate Downes, Outreach Director of the New York FarmNet organization, and a look at a regenerative farm in upstate New York. Resources from this episode include:

NY Farm Net

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

NYS Department of Agricultural Markets

Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development

Cornell Cooperative Extention

For a complete list of resources CLICK HERE

Chasing the Dream, Season 3: Ep 3

We visit the Health Meets Food program in Elmira, NY which pairs medical students with community members to learn how to cook healthy meals. We also have an in-studio conversation with Cynthia Cave-Gaetani about the social determinants of health in our community. Rachel Mischler, a registered dietitian for Lourdes, talks about her work with patients and the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program. In our Dream Interview segment, Robin from the Speakers Bureau in Bath, NY shares her experience with ongoing health problems, and how nutrition made a difference in the quality of her life. Resources highlighted in this episode include:

Health Meets Food Program

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Healthy People 2020

Rural Health Network of South Central New York

South Central NY Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program

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