As Vaping Lung Injuries Rise, State Faces Obstacles In Data Gathering

ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) – Many of the growing number of lung injuries caused by vaping in New York state are being treated in Rochester. In the state health department’s regional breakdown of New York state, western New York is a 17-county region that stretches from the shore of Lake Erie in the west nearly to Syracuse and Binghamton in the east. Thirty-one cases of vaping lung injuries have been reported in that region. More than half of them have been treated at one hospital: Strong Memorial in Rochester. The University of Rochester Medical Center, which runs Strong, said the concentration does not mean that Rochester is the center of an epidemic.

Dementia Symptoms Could Just Be Drug Interactions

As the number of Americans over 65 years old continues to climb, doctors are paying more attention to how the medications they take can have unintended side effects. Some drug combinations can cause symptoms of dementia, even when the patient doesn’t have the disease.