March Radio Fundraiser PHONE VOLUNTEERS
Your help is needed to answer phones March 17th through the 21st during the Spring Fundraiser! Volunteers should be able to hear callers on the phone in a noisy environment, and should be comfortable entering data into a computer. Help is especially needed at 6am the 19th through the 21st. Support WSKG with some of your time! Call Membership Manager Jennifer Effthymious at (607) 729-0100…

Donation of Securities (Stock, Bonds, Mutual Funds)

Publicly Traded Stock      
Your gift of publicly traded stock can help you and WSKG yield high returns for education, the arts and culture, news and history programming that enriches our community. Your gift of stock may also provide attractive tax benefits that should be discussed with your accountant. Benefits include:

Tax deductible donation to WSKG – a registered 501(c)(3). You are able to claim the stock’s current fair market value. Donating appreciated stock may also offer capital gains tax benefits.

Vehicle Donations

Donate your car, truck, SUV, RV, motorcycle or boat to WSKG! WSKG is happy to accept vehicles in running or non-running condition. Your donation of a motorized vehicle helps pay for the programming you enjoy on WSKG. To donate your car, WSKG will need the following information:

year, make and model of car
Vehicle Identification Number
your name, address and daytime telephone number
your social security number (required by the IRS for WSKG’s receipt and for tax purposes)

Start the donation process by clicking here! Please check with your tax advisor to determine your specific tax benefits.