PA Congressional Map Unaffected By US Supreme Court Decision

STATE IMPACT PENNSYLVANIA – The U.S. Supreme Court was expected to make a defining decision on extreme partisan gerrymandering this term. It took up two cases, one from Wisconsin, and the other from Maryland. But, in unanimous decisions, the court avoided the key constitutional question at stake in these cases.

On Heels Of PA Congressional Map Changes, US Supreme Court To Rule On Gerrymandering

KEYSTONE CROSSROADS – This month the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to deliver two highly anticipated decisions on cases involving partisan gerrymandering — one from Wisconsin and the other from Maryland. The central question in both cases is: How much politics is too much when it comes to drawing the boundaries of a voting district? In the past, the court has said it couldn’t answer that question. “All of the standards that have been proposed to date are unmanageable, indiscernible or both,” said the late Justice Antonin Scalia during the decision announcement the last time the court took up the issue in 2004. But earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court delved into the same question of how much is too much and gave an answer.