Binghamton Residents Rally Over Student Strip Searches

About 200 residents rallied Tuesday outside East Middle School in a call-out to Binghamton’s School District. The rally was a response to claims by four African-American girls that staff members strip searched them a couple of weeks ago for giddiness and possibly possessing drugs.

Dealing With Grief During The Holidays

The holidays are a festive time, but this season can also be very hard and feelings of loss and grief can be amplified. Dr. Krystine Batcho, psychology professor at LeMoyne College who specializes in nostalgia, says whether you have an emotionally absent relative, know someone overseas, or worse, have lost a loved one, absence can be very powerful.

Stressful Family? Cornell Prof Has Advice For A Smooth Thanksgiving

“We often have stereotypes that are partly reinforced by movies or TV shows about how awful the holidays are… [but] if you look at survey data, most people feel relatively close to their families… The majority of people enjoy these family gatherings, so it’s important not to have this negative idea that the family is falling apart… Thanksgiving is particularly special because it doesn’t have all of the pressures of Christmas and the commercialization and the gift-giving. It really can be an opportune time for families just to come together and enjoy one another.”

Audio Collage Of WSKG’s Long Form Pieces For Our Congressional Coverage

As part of our election coverage, WSKG put together three hour-long shows; one for each of the Congressional districts in our listening area (here is the original post). This audio collage includes segments from two of those shows. It also includes a segment from a debate we did for the 22nd Congressional district between incumbent Republican Claudia Tenney and Democratic challenger, Anthony Brindisi. The debate was done in partnership with community and educational organizations, produced for live broadcast on radio, TV and online (CSPAN website); broadcast live on neighboring public media, nationally on CSPAN, and during watch parties at local college and university (here is a link to that debate). Here is a log of the collage:

0:00 Segment of hour-long radio show made up of long-form interviews with Rep. Claudia Tenney and her challenger Anthony Brindisi.

Brindisi Declares Victory; No Concession From Tenney

“We want every vote to be counted, and they’ll be counted,” Brindisi said. “But we’re pretty confident they’re going to break the same way current vote totals go.”

“We’re very, very close,” Tenney said. “We knew it was going to be a close race against impossible odds. But hang in there, be hopeful, be positive, don’t walk out with your heads down. This is just another day, another battle. The war is still on.”