The Devil’s Fire

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Tuesday, July 22, 1913 was shaping up to be another in a long string of uncomfortably hot daysin Binghamton, New York. By eleven o’clock that morning, the thermometer mounted on thelawn of the city’s courthouse already read 91 degrees. Even the steady breeze that blew acrossthe Chenango River couldn’t help cool the shop floors of the Binghamton Clothing Companywhich overlooked the river on Wall Street. Nearly every window of the building’s four stories was opened wide to help relieve the factory’s 122 workers from the sweltering summer heat. Many of the young sewers and seamstresses working on the fourth floor, some as young as 16, had opted to shed their heavy dresses, working in knee high bloomers and aprons.

How A PA Lawmaker Billed Taxpayers $1.8 Million In Expenses

Western Pennsylvania Democrat Chris Sainato spent or has been reimbursed personally for more than $1.8 million in mileage, meals, lodging, travel, and office-related costs.

Key PA State Senator Backs Arizona-Style Election Audit

Sen. David Argall (R., Schuylkill) told Spotlight PA he does not see the “damage in doing it one more time to try to answer the concerns that people have.”