Benjamin Patterson Inn


Located in Corning, the Benjamin Patterson Inn once gave weary travelers on New York’s frontier a comfortable place to rest and relax.

Built in 1796 by Benjamin and Sarah Patterson, the inn sat along the old Williamson Road, now US Route 15, and the Chemung River. These two arteries of travel brought countless visitors to the Patterson’s Inn. However, during the 20th century the inn slowly fell into disrepair.

In 1976, the Corning Painted Post Historical Society rescued the former inn and restored it to its former colonial glory, including full period furniture and belongings. Today’s travelers can choose to visit the inn’s functioning herb garden or one of other four historic buildings located on the museum’s grounds.

The Benjamin Patterson Inn, located in Steuben County, an inviting place to rest and learn on New York’s Path Through History

Photos Courtesy of:
Steuben County Historical Society