Binghamton High School evacuated after small fire in bathroom


Binghamton High School earlier this year. (Megan Zerez/WSKG)


UPDATE 12/15/21 4:51 — In a letter to parents, Principal Kevin Richman said the school would now be closed for the remainder of the semester due to ongoing conflicts among students.

The letter says a student is believed to be responsible for setting the fire. During the evacuation of the building, a fight broke out between students. Several people with ties to one of the students then arrived on the scene with metal pipes in an attempt to prolong the fight. Police then arrived to disperse the crowd.

A spokesperson for the district said that Wednesday’s incident was “not as bad” as some altercations in the past.

ITHACA, NY (WSKG) — Students at Binghamton High School were evacuated Wednesday morning after a small fire was discovered in a restroom. No one was harmed and the fire has since been extinguished.

The cause of the fire is not yet clear. A spokesperson for the school says the building was cleared so that the incident could be investigated.

Students will continue classes Wednesday remotely and are expected to return to school in person Thursday.

A school spokesperson says that the fire will not affect activities planned after school, including athletic practices and a performing arts event.