Binghamton High School goes remote after fights, vandalism


Binghamton High School will go remote for the rest of the semester. (Tom Magnarelli/WSKG)

ITHACA, NY (WSKG) — Students at Binghamton High School will move to remote learning, but it’s not because of COVID-19. In a letter to parents on Wednesday afternoon, Principal Kevin Richman said that the shift online is in reaction to recent behavior issues among students.

“Family, community issues are being brought into the school setting,
creating an unsuitable learning environment,” Richman said in a letter to parents.

The move comes after a student allegedly set a small fire in one of the bathrooms. The letter said a fight broke out between students during the ensuing evacuation of the school. Several non-students were also involved in the fight, Richman said.

“Soon after, community members with a connection to one of these students arrived in a vehicle with metal pipes and attempted to further the altercation,” Richman said.

A spokesperson for the school said that Wednesday’s incident was “not as bad” as some past issues since the start of the school year.

Administrators said the move online is necessary for the school to plan a disciplinary reset for the building. The letter said students may be able to return to school in person on January 3, but can return on Thursday to retrieve items left in classrooms or lockers.

After-school activities like athletics and performing arts events are still on, but there are now limits to how many spectators may attend.