Binghamton Students Skip School for Another Climate Strike



BINGHAMTON, NY (WSKG) — There was another climate strike led by young people at the Peacemaker’s Stage in Binghamton. Students from Binghamton University and Binghamton High School skipped school to attend the strike on Friday.

“We’re skipping class, which is clearly not a big deal compared to climate change, and we need to make that statement heard by skipping class and going to this event,” explained Michael Levinstein, a student at Binghamton University.

Levinstein wants the government to regulate big polluting industries more. Others spoke about prison reform, reparations, and gentrification.

The event focused on intersectionality as it pertains to climate change and climate activism.

Amber Johnson works for Citizen Action and spoke at the rally. She said black and brown people are often kept out of the environmental movement.

Environmental justice, climate justice is social and racial justice,” she said. “So don’t come to our communities shaming us into just recycling, going vegan, or saving turtles.

“Individual actions are cool and that’s helpful, but systemic action is where it’s at to save our planet,” Johnson added.

Johnson thinks everyone should have access to clean energy, food, safe homes that are lead and mold free.