Brandford Marsalis visits WSKG | Part 2


Jazz legend Branford Marsalis musical career expands beyond jazz.  He has collaborated with other celebrated artists such as Sting, Harry Connick Jr., Miles Davis, and even the Grateful Dead.  As a band leader, he has performed all over the world with his quartet Branford Marsalis Quartet.  On this occasion,  he presents a program of baroque music at the Anderson Center at Binghamton University. WSKG’s Director of Arts & Culture, Alexandra Rangel speaks with him about his extraordinary musical career.

Following we present excerpts from the interview:

Alex: What do you think the role of public media is in engaging the new generation of jazz listeners is there more that we can do about it?

Marsalis: for a long time that was it was the only access of listening to any kind of jazz at all, as a kid was public media.  The tough part about it is that in the United States, it is sponsored by the public, the public gets to decide with their dollars what they want and across the country, the public has said, we want news more than we want anything else, and you have to be responsible, and you have to adhere to the wishes of the listener in that regard, so a lot of stations that used to play jazz and classical music, they don’t anymore.  But, it is still a reality, this is the only place where it is going to happen.

Watch the entire interview here:

WSKG’s Director of Arts and Culture, Alexandra Rangel with Branford Marsalis.