Brandford Marsalis visits WSKG | Part 1


Jazz legend Branford Marsalis musical career expands beyond jazz.  He has collaborated with other celebrated artists such as Sting, Harry Connick Jr., Miles Davis, and even the Grateful Dead.  As a band leader, he has performed all over the world with his quartet Branford Marsalis Quartet.  On this occasion,  he presents a program of baroque music at the Anderson Center at Binghamton University. WSKG’s Director of Arts & Culture, Alexandra Rangel speaks with him about his extraordinary musical career.

Following we present excerpts from the interview:

Alex:  You are such an incredibly versatile and curious artist who is not afraid to experiment with different genres of music, what do you think you have learned over the years by allowing yourself to approach music with such an open mind?

Marsalis: In the western scale there’s only twelve notes, and it is amazing how many sounds you can create with twelve notes.  It was never my intention to do all of those things.  The opportunity presented itself, and I was curious, and I always, I’ve loved the chance to learn something, so on each musical situation I was forced to learn something outside of what I normally do, outside of my comfort zone, in order to do it successfully.  Because a lot of times people , they would say, if you fuse this with that, and I don’t try to fuse anything, what I try to do is I try to learn the style of music as authentically as possible.  I’m not trying to  develop and one-size-fits-all and just impose my musical views on top of whatever the music is.  So I spend a lot of time listening  to all style of music.

Watch the entire interview here:

WSKG’s Director of Arts and Culture, Alexandra Rangel with Branford Marsalis.