Brindisi Calls On NYS Public Service Commission To Push Case Against Charter/Spectrum


ITHACA, NY (WSKG) – Tuesday, the New York State Attorney General announced a $174 million consumer fraud settlement with Charter/Spectrum, the largest internet and cable provider in New York State.

Wednesday, Congressman-Elect Anthony Brindisi called for the state’s Public Service Commission to move forward with their case against Spectrum.

That case challenges Spectrum’s right to operate in the state. Brindisi said customers deserve better options than Spectrum provides.

“No one’s losing their cable,”  Brindisi said. “They’re not just gonna turn the switch off and leave. The would have to bring in another provider. I would actually like to see a few providers so people can have some choices in their internet and cable providers. Competition, I believe, is a good thing.”

Brindisi said he’d like Spectrum to comply with their commitments and then there might be a way for them to stay in the state but he isn’t optimistic.

Number one — they committed that they were going to expand their service into underserved areas. Number two — they weren’t going to raise rates and they have not complied, lived up to their agreement so I think action has to be taken.”