Broome County To Use Cameras To Catch Drivers Who Illegally Pass School Buses


VESTAL, NY (WSKG) – Broome County is moving forward with a plan to put cameras on the stop signs that swing out from the side of a school bus. The goal is to catch drivers who illegally pass a stopped bus.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. (Gabe Altieri/WSKG)

The Broome County Legislature recently passed a law allowing the cameras.

County Executive Jason Garnar said cars pass a stopped bus illegally at least a thousand times a year.

Garnar made the announcement at Windsor Elementary School on Tuesday. Windsor Superintendent Jason Andrews said cars passing these stopped buses has been an issue.

Windsor Superintendent Jason Andrews. (Gabe Altieri/WSKG)

“Just about every driver has a story of someone passing the bus or driving at least unsafely, putting students at risk,” Andrews said. “And so, I don’t think it’s something that happens every day, but it certainly happens too often.”

Garnar doesn’t yet know the cost of the project. The county has to get a company to install the cameras. “Whatever the program is going to cost, and we’ve been already talking to a number of companies, we think this will more than pay for itself,” Garnar said.

First time violators face a $250 fine. Repeat offenders will be fined more.

The Broome County law comes after New York State enacted a measure this summer that allows cameras on the outside of school buses.