Broome District Attorney Candidate Addresses Elder Abuse; Opponent Says The Work’s Already Underway


VESTAL, NY (WSKG) — One of the Republican candidates from Broome County District Attorney wants the office to focus more on elder abuse.

Gabe Altieri/WSKG

Broome DA candidate Paul Battisti. Gabe Altieri/WSKG

Paul Battisti says elder abuse is a major problem and it seems to be ignored. “I mean ask yourselves,” Battisti said. “When was the last time you read in the article or saw on the news an individual being prosecuted for victimizing our elderly community?”

There was a notable case of elder abuse in Otsego County where, last year, nursing home officials admitted guilt to charges related to neglect.

Battisti wants to create a task force and other services to educate residents about elder abuse. He also wants a special prosecutor, who will go after perpetrators and get restitution to victims.

Mike Korchak is Battisti’s Republican opponent and currently Broome Chief District Attorney. He claims a lot of these ideas are already in place. Especially, educating elderly people about phone scams.

“Mr. Battisti’s calling for community education, it’s already being done,” Korchak said.
“Again, it’s a matter of educating the community and getting them to know these frauds and scams that exist out there.”

“And a better educated citizen is less likely to fall prey to these scams,” Korchak added.

The primary is set for June 25.