BU Computer Science Professor Runs For Congress


A Binghamton University professor says he’s running for Congress because he thinks science and technology is ignored in Washington.

“I am pleased, terrified out of my mind, excited – I don’t know what you want to call it – to be running for Congress in New York’s 22nd District,” said Patrick Madden, computer science professor, on the Binghamton University campus Monday morning.

Madden identifies as a Democrat and hopes to challenge freshman Republican Claudia Tenney in 2018.

Madden wants to run because he thinks there needs to be more representatives from the technology world in Congress. He’s against a decision by Tenney and other Republicans to vote to repeal Obama-era internet privacy rules.

“They’re changing the rules and basically handing things off so the [Internet service providers] can start charging all kinds of access fees and start messing with internet,” said Madden. “It’s not in the public interest.”

Madden also criticized Tenney’s support of the Republican health care bill.