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While we’re “on pause,” it’s not business as usual, but business unusual. Businesses and Organizations in WSKG’s area are adding or modifying services to meet changing needs. We’ve just launched this free directory – check back for more listings, added daily. Businesses or organizations: submit your free listing using this form.

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    15 STEPS

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    ABG Contracting

    • image-951

    Absolute EHS

    • image-957

    AgeLess SPA

    • image-670

    Alexander’s Cafe

    • image-701

    Alphabet Soup

    • image-807

    Amrex Chemicals

    • image-806

    Anthony’s Restaurant and Lounge

    • image-897

    Argos Inn

    • image-1087

    ASI Renovations

    • image-1062

    Avital’s Apiaries

    • image-1030

    B&W Supply Co.

    • image-1219

    Beiko Ceramics

    • image-999

    Benjamin Peters

    • image-996

    Bousquet Holstein PLLC

    • image-1319

    Boyce Thompson Institute

    • image-764

    Brain Shoppe

    • image-997

    Brooks’ House of BBQ

    • image-954

    Broome County Regional Farmers Market

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    Business is Blooming

    • image-1247

    Cafe Dewitt

    • image-757

    Cat’s Pajamas

    • image-1226

    Catholic Charities of Chemung & Schuyler Counties

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    Celebrate the Day!!

    • image-1323

    Centerport Clam

    • image-1244

    Chateau LaFayette Reneau

    • image-1225

    Cheryl Chalmers Art Studio/Gallery

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    Ciao! Wood-fired Pizza & Pasta

    • image-883

    Cinema Saver

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    • image-771

    Circus Culture

    • image-976

    CNY Home Delivery

    • image-1191

    Collegetown Bagels

    • image-1086

    Connors Mercantile

    • image-1227

    Contemplative Medicine

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    Cooperstown Farmers’ Market

    • image-1246

    Corning Area Chamber of Commerce

    • image-959

    Corning’s Gaffer District

    • image-805

    Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP

    • image-1128

    Crystal Heart Yoga studio

    • image-713

    Dancing Turtle Local Living Foods

    • image-1039

    Dano’s Heuriger on Seneca

    • image-783

    DATAFLOW now offering Emergency Signage Solutions & Sneeze Guards

    • image-1296

    Debra DeLorenzo Life Coaching

    • image-975

    Discover Cayuga Lake

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    • image-1126

    Down to Earth Whole Foods Is Open

    • image-799

    Dryden Optometry

    • image-947

    Earlybird Farm

    • image-1008

    Edible Arrangements Ithaca

    • image-815

    Elmira: Community Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.

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    ETM Solar Works

    • image-966

    Express Employment Professionals

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    F. Oliver’s

    • image-852

    Family Planning of South Central New York – Binghamton Medical Center

    • image-856

    Family Planning of South Central New York – Norwich Medical Center

    • image-853

    Family Planning of South Central New York – Oneonta Medical Center

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    Finger Lakes Cider House

    • image-1036

    Finger Lakes Dermatology

    • image-1032

    Finger Lakes ReUse

    • image-1158

    Finger Lakes Soap Co.

    • image-1235

    Fontana’s Shoe Store

    • image-721

    Friday Night Dinner Pick-ups

    • image-955

    Full Plate Farm Collective

    • image-1305

    Gance’s Complete Catering

    • image-714

    GHS Federal Credit Union

    • image-1098

    Gil’s Book Loft

    • image-843

    Gimme! Coffee

    • image-1074

    Grace Wyly Farm

    • image-1186

    GreenStar Food Co+op

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    Guitar Lessons Ithaca

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    • image-1162

    Hamley’s Maple

    • image-1134

    Handcrafted In America

    • image-1260

    Handwork, Ithaca’s Artisan Co-op

    • image-1037

    Head Over Heels Gymnastics of Ithaca

    • image-1331

    Hickey’s Music Center

    • image-1049

    Hickory Lee – Howard Hanna Real Estate

    • image-1312

    I.D. Booth, Inc.

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    Ice Cream Works!

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    Image Packaging

    • image-1007


    • image-1190

    Ithaca Bakery

    • image-804

    Ithaca Carshare

    • image-749

    Ithaca Child Newspaper

    • image-1089

    Ithaca Family Chiropractic

    • image-1328

    Ithaca Guitar Works

    • image-1314

    Ithaca LGBTQ History Tour

    • image-1015

    Ithaca Marriott Downtown

    • image-913

    Ithaca Sheepskin

    • image-750

    Ithaca: Community Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.

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    • image-727

    Jax Signs

    • image-1313

    Kaleidoscope 2020 Virtual Edition

    • image-933

    Kevin Rogers Hypnosis

    • image-1301

    Kitchen & Bath Gallery

    • image-1327

    La Tourelle Hotel & Bistro

    • image-1161

    Lambert’s Attic General Country Store

    • image-1011

    Leadership Coaching- 1 Step Coaching and Consulting

    • image-811

    Lesko Financial Services, Inc.

    • image-812

    Life Coach

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    • image-756

    Lucky Hare Brewing Co.

    • image-1005

    Mama Goose

    • image-889

    Marmalade Mercantile

    • image-1267

    Maxie’s Supper Club and Oyster Bar

    • image-896

    Mia Tapas Bar

    • image-901

    Mighty Yoga

    • image-1153

    Mimi’s Attic

    • image-1033

    Monks On The Commons/On The Go!

    • image-729

    Music Teaching Studio of Lisa Fenwick, piano, flute and harp lessons

    • image-752

    My American Crafts

    • image-965

    Myer Farm Distillers

    • image-967

    Nanci Rose CTC Counseling

    • image-1289

    Ned’s Pizza

    • image-1295

    Nickel’s Pit BBQ

    • image-1276

    Open the Lid

    • image-922

    Owego Hemp

    • image-952

    Owl’s Head Delivery – Ithaca’s Fish Truck

    • image-1326

    Pixie Moss Meadows now in Downtown Corning!

    • image-689

    Popeks Books

    • image-1083

    Pure Design Home Furnishings

    • image-928

    Purity Ice Cream

    • image-985

    Pyramid Brokerage Company – Corning/ Ithaca/ Elmira

    • image-1099

    Quilters Corner

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    • image-1232

    Remlik’s Grille & Oyster Bar

    • image-1012

    Renaissance Floral Gallery

    • image-1324

    Rico’s Pizza

    • image-854

    River Rock Diner

    • image-1306

    Rose’s Home Dish

    • image-1245

    Ryan William Vineyard

    • image-1043

    Safeguard Print & Promo – aka Safeguard Business Systems

    • image-1274

    Sciarabba Walker & Co., LLP

    • image-1072

    Sea Hag Soaps & More

    • image-1275

    Seneca Sunrise Coffee

    • image-734

    Serenity on Seneca Lake: Campsite for Couples

    • image-1131

    Servoss Virtual Services

    • image-1154

    South City Publick House

    • image-1045

    South Hill Cider

    • image-1290

    St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

    • image-990

    Sunny Brook Builders

    • image-1009

    Sunny Days of Ithaca

    • image-920

    Terra Cotta Catering / Terra Cotta Owego

    • image-992

    Texas Roadhouse Ithaca

    • image-819

    The Bloomwell

    • image-1095

    The Crossmore Law Office

    • image-1187

    The Owego Kitchen

    • image-983

    Tioga County Chamber of Commerce

    • image-1125

    Tom’s Coffee Cards & Gifts

    • image-977

    Tompkins Home Delivery

    • image-728

    Tre Bella’s Dance Studio

    • image-1304

    Two Goats Brewing

    • image-1081

    UPS Store – Corning

    • image-1085

    UPS Store – Horseheads

    • image-1303

    Virtual Finger Lakes Wine & Cheese Experiences

    • image-816

    Visions Federal Credit Union

    • image-1013

    W & W Nursery and Landscaping

    • image-835

    Watkins Glen: Community Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.

    • image-1325

    Welch, Donlon & Czarples PLLC

    • image-1307

    Wells Fargo Advisors of Ithaca

    • image-833

    Whole in the Wall Restaurant

    • image-1006

    Whole Picture Health and Vision

    • image-813

    Wide Awake Bakery

    • image-802

    Wind-up Pictures LLC – media production