'Tumbling Turner Sisters' Author Reads From Her Book Thursday Night In Binghamton


Juliette Fay is the author of four novels, including the recently released novel The Tumbling Turner Sisters:
In 1919, the Turner sisters and their parents are barely scraping by. Their father is a low-paid boot-stitcher in Johnson City, New York, and the family is always one paycheck away from eviction. When their father’s hand is crushed and he can no longer work, their irrepressible mother decides that the vaudeville stage is their best—and only—chance for survival. With so much at stake, teenagers Gert, Winnie, and Kit, and recent widow Nell take to the road, and soon find a new kind of freedom in the company of performers who are as diverse as their acts. There is a seamier side to the business, however, and the young women face dangers and turns of fate they never could have anticipated.

For Your To-Read List: New Books By Fantasy Author Joshua Palmatier


Joshua Palmatier is the author of several fantasy novels, and the co-founder of the small press Zombies Need Brains. He’s also about to have a very busy summer, with several books being released over the next couple of weeks, and another Kickstarter happening in August to fund three new anthologies from his small press. Erenthrall is a city powered by the mystical ley lines that thread through the world.  The ley is used to light the streets, heat homes, and power the transportation throughout the city and to the rest of the world beyond.  Kara is a Wielder, someone who can manipulate the ley and repair the lines when necessary.  Allan is a Dog, part of the brutal guard that keeps the ley under the strict control of the Baron and his Primes.  Both of their lives will be forever changed when a terrorist group called the Kormanley begins to attack the ley lines in an attempt to break the Baron’s stranglehold on the ley and bring them back into their natural alignment. The first book in the series is Shattering the Ley. The second book, Threading the Needle, will be released on July 5.

Honoring local winners of PBS KIDS Writers Contest

A day to celebrate the young creative writers of our community! On Sunday, June 12, 2016, twenty-six students, their families, and friends gathered at WSKG Studios in Vestal, NY to honor the winning story entries. Awards were given to First, Second, and Third place entries from the local PBS KIDS Writers Contest for students in Kindergarten through Grade 3. First, Second, and Third place awards were also handed out to students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 as part of the WSKG Youth Writers Contest.  

Judges spoke about each story and read their favorite excerpts to the audience. Students were honored for both their creative writing and dynamic illustrations.

Meet Superhero 'Gem Girl' in Elmira Girl's Winning Story

Caylee Hinman won 1st place in the Second Grade category in WSKG’s local 2016 PBS KIDS Writers Contest. Caylee is 8 years old and lives in Elmira, NY with her mom and dad.  She enjoys school, gardening, rocks and gems, building with Legos, baking, reading, and most of all writing stories!  Caylee wrote her first book at the age of 3 titled “Happy Fall” inspired by the changing seasons.  She has been writing books ever since.  When Caylee grows up she is thinking of becoming an author. Here’s a Q&A we held with her!:

What is your story about?  Can you summarize it in just a sentence or two? My story is about a battle between good and evil, where Gem Girl and Diamond Dog fight Hot Dog Guy and Pickle Poodle to save the city.

'The Adventures of Clean Guy and Trash' Wins Honor in Youth Writers Contest

Keyahn Sethi won 1st place in the Fourth Grade category in the 2016 WSKG Youth Writers Contest. He is 9 years old and in fourth grade at The Crescent Academy in Johnson City, NY. A prankster who loves to write funny stories, Keyahn’s ultimate passion is sports.  He’s on the travel hockey team, the lacrosse team and also takes Gymnastics and Ninja classes.  He loves the outdoors and you can usually find him outside with his sisters biking, hiking by the river, or slacklining.

'Faerie Realm' Awarded in Local Youth Writers Contest

Logan Everson won 1st place in the Sixth Grade category in WSKG’s local 2016 Youth Writers Contest.  He is 12 years old and the oldest in his family.  He really likes acting and has been in two short films with BFI. He practices martial arts, plays soccer and tennis, and loves video games, writing, and drawing.  Logan shared thoughts on his experience writing this story and submitting it with our contest:

What is your story about?  Can you summarize it in just a sentence or two? This story is about a kid who finds a place called the Faerie Realm and helps the inhabitants against the Dark Queen.

Robots Rule in Vestal Youth's PBS KIDS Writers Contest Story

Heyan Chung received 1st place in the Grade 2 category of WSKG’s local 2016 PBS KIDS Writers Contest.  Heyan is 6 years old and in first grade in African Road Elementary school. He’s been interested in robots, universe, and nature. He’s read a few books about robots, and visiting Carnegie Science center in Pittsburg and MIT museum in Cambridge encouraged him to learn more about robots. His hobby is singing, origami, Legos, playing board games and collecting natural objects like stones, leaves and twigs.

'Team Animal Ninja Competition' Combines Fact, Creative Writing and Beautiful Illustration

Inaaya Sethi’s story The Team Animal Ninja Competition has received the 1st place honor in the third grade category in WSKG’s local 2016 PBS KIDS Writers Contest.  Inaaya is 8 years old and in third grade at The Crescent Academy in Johnson City, NY.   Inaaya loves to draw, colour, and write stories.  She’s a Girl Scout who loves the outdoors and is on the lacrosse team.  You can often find her outside hiking by the river, swimming, slacklining or biking.

Ithaca Girl Shares Winning Story in WSKG's Youth Writers Contest

Juliana Grantz won 1st place in the Fifth Grade category in the 2016 WSKG Youth Writers Contest.  Juliana is eleven years old and lives in Ithaca, NY, but is in the midst of moving to Aurora, NY right now! She has three younger sisters, no brothers, and another sister coming in October. Juliana enjoys singing, acting, writing, drawing, and other creative pastimes. She would like to be many things when she grows up, including an author and songwriter.

'So Close to Home' Illuminates a Little-Known World War II Event

Recently, New York Times bestselling author Michael J. Tougias spoke with WSKG History about his new book, “So Close to Home: A True Story of an American Family’s Fight for Survival During World War II” (2016). Co-written with journalist Alison O’Leary, “So Close to Home” chronicles a U-boat attack in the Gulf of Mexico, a family’s resilience, and the daring patrol of the submarine commander. Michael J. Tougias is the author and co-author of over 20 books, including “The Finest Hours” (2009) which was adapted into a major motion picture starring Chris Pine and Casey Affleck in 2016. Many of his books have a predominant theme of true survival-at-sea adventures. He has also written for the New York Times, the Boston Globe, USA Today, and many other publications. Listen to the interview:

(The partial transcript below has been edited for clarity.)


Interview Highlights
On the war in the Atlantic

When the U.S. entered the war with Germany, the first thing the Germans did was launch Operation Drumbeat. They sent over U-boats here before we could become proficient at defending against them, and it was like a turkey shoot.