Need For High-Speed Internet Tops Lawmakers’ Agriculture Agenda

HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- State lawmakers on the Agriculture Committee took advantage of the Farm Show's presence in Harrisburg this week, and convened in a back room of the complex to discuss their top priorities with Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding. One of their primary focuses didn't have to do with farming, exactly; rather, with making sure rural communities aren't held back by bad internet access. In cities and suburbs, high speed broadband internet is typically a given. But Representative Pam Snyder said in her rural district in Pennsylvania's southwestern corner, it's often a luxury -- and that can profoundly affect the people living there. "I have all or part of eight school districts.

Craft Beverage Manufacturers Booming Across New York State

The Finger Lakes is leading New York state with the most craft beverage manufacturers. Some distillers, farmers and cider makers credit the growth to the passage of a 2014 law. The Craft New York Act lowered some taxes, provided grant funding, and eased some regulations. It had strong bipartisan support, in part, because of its benefits to the upstate agricultural economy. The number of new craft businesses has grown significantly in every region of the state.