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‘How to Win at Business’ Student Radio Drama

What would happen if we combined the creative writing of students and teachers with the audio technology of today? Something awesome, we think! And it did. A group of local students entered WSKG’s An Ear for Drama Contest. Their winning script ‘How to Win at Business’ follows the rivalry between two store owners as they try to best each other in business. Oz Tay, Torin Knapp, and Riley Knapp are the students who wrote the script.

Receiving WSKG TV by antenna

As many viewers are “cutting the cord” and returning to receiving TV stations by antenna, we’re hearing from more viewers who want to receive WSKG’s over-the-air signal. WSKG broadcasts on digital channel 46.1 in Binghamton and 30.1 in Corning, both of which carry three sub-channels (see below). There are several benefits to watching this way:

Picture quality is often better than cable or satellite, as those signals are digitally compressed more than the over-the-air signal… i.e. there’s more digital information in the broadcast signal
WSKG and other stations supply built-in program guides within broadcast signals that many digital TVs can receive and display
WSKG broadcasts a total of four TV channels locally: WSKG HD (our main channel), PBS Kids (making learning fun 24/7), Create (cooking, painting, travel, etc) and World (documentaries, news, etc)

Antenna position is critical as it affects signal strength. The location of your antenna may affect one channel more than other channels as TV towers are not necessarily located next to each other.

Hear Here! | Compassion Harp

Sometimes music helps people communicate when they can’t use words. Jayne Demakos of Compassion Harp is a therapeutic harpist. Every weekend, she visits a nursing home to play for the people facing both physical or emotional challenges. 

In this segment, we tag along on one of her visits.