Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with PBS


PBS LearningMedia has a number of collections around some of the most significant pieces of history, including the March on Washington where Dr. King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.  Learn about all of the resources here.

In 2013, WSKG interviewed Ithaca, NY resident Dorothy Cotton, a leader of the SCLC in the 1960s.  She discusses what it was like to attend an activist training run by the group during the civil rights movements. On the first day, she says between 50 and 60 attendees sang “sorrow songs” of their shared experiences and struggles. On the second day, they continue to discuss those challenges. But by the third day, a change starts to happen.

You can also view the full segment with Dorothy Cotton on PBS LearningMedia.

Looking for a short video overview of Martin Luther King Jr. Day?  We recommend this video from the ‘All About the Holidays’ collection also found on PBS LearningMedia!

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