A Parent's Guide to Rekenreks


Learning to count requires some visual tools. Meet the rekenrek! Your child will use a rekenrek at school. You might recognize a rekenrek as a small abacus.

Move all the beads to the right. This is called the “start” position. Let’s start counting: Zero… One… Two… Three Counting like this on the rekenrek helps your child visualize numbers through real-life objects.

The top row shows counting to ten. The next row shows counting eleven to twenty. In later grades, rekenreks have more rows to count higher.

Now you can use a rekenrek to practice counting!

Want to make a rekenrek to use at home? Watch and learn in HOW TO MAKE A REKENREK


Pre-Kindergarden Common Core Standards

Counting & Cardinality: Know number names and the count sequence.

(PK.CC.1) Count to 20.