Celebrate 8th day of Hanukkah with PEG + CAT


Don’t let the 8th day of Hanukkah go by without celebrating the number 8! Finding special reasons to talk about a number with your child will help him develop number sense and learn to count.

Albert Einstein sings a song with Peg, Cat, and their friends about the number that Hanukkah is all about: eight!

Want to celebrate other numbers with your child?

Here’s an idea to get you started: We have 6 people in our family. Let’s have a special day all about 6! Count out 6 books to read. Do 6 jumping jacks. Set the table with 6 plates. These simple, but meaningful, activities make learning fun!


Looking for more ways to practice counting with your child?

Start with these helpful videos from GOOD TO KNOW by WSKG:Good To Know

  • Magic Math Fingers: Your child reads from left to right. It’s important that they count left to right too!
  • How To Make A Rekenrek: Make this simple counting tool to practice counting at home.
  • Counting On: Counting forward beginning at a given number, like 29, is a different skill than beginning at 1. Practicing this skill is important!


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