Explore the Intersection of Science and Sport with Your Family


Are you watching the Summer Olympics with your child? What a great opportunity to explore the intersection of science and sport! These videos from PBS LearningMedia will help you talk to your child about math and science concepts surrounding running, acrobats, gymnastics, and more.


Measuring Different Lanes on the Track | Cyberchase

Help your child understand the basic principles behind measuring distance. In this video from Cyberchase, Bianca is competing in her first 200 meter race and notices that the starting positions in the six lanes are located at different points along the track. She doubts the fairness of starting further back in the inside track lane.


Titanium Chairs and Cheetah Legs | Metal Quest

Talk about the engineering and technology behind the specialized wheelchairs, prosthetics, and other high-tech tools of the trade that allow Paralympic athletes to compete at elite levels. In this video from Metal Quest, they describe the impact that new designs, materials, and technologies have on sprinting, cycling, tennis, and basketball.


Physics: Conservation of Angular Momentum | Circus

Did your child notice that acrobats and gymnasts tuck in their arms and scrunch up their bodies while spinning in the air? Use these videos from Circus to help contextualize the basics of angular momentum and conservation.


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