Seed to Table Lessons with 'Cyberchase'


WSKG is proud to air Cyberchase and we love learning about math and the environment!  Our Cyberchase pick of the week is the episode ‘A Seedy Business‘ and you can watch it here:


Episode Description
The citizens of Factoria are back to work, but the benefactor of their factory is Hacker, and he serves the employees unhealthy meals from vending machines. To get the Factorians out of Hacker’s clutches, the CyberSquad must show them how to grow their own food.

For Real segment: Harry and Bianca volunteer at a farm that raises organic livestock and grows healthy foods. They learn about proper gardening, and the benefits of eating seed-to-table.

Learning Goal
Delicious, healthful vegetables don’t just come from the store. They grow from seeds – and you can grow (and eat) them yourself!

Topics: Seed to Table; Area

Watch Cyberchase on WSKG TV Fridays at 5:30pm and Saturday & Sunday at 10:30am.

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