Let’s Make History Together This Thanksgiving


This weekend, you and StoryCorps can preserve the voices and stories of an entire generation of Americans over a single holiday weekend.

Open to everyone, The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national assignment to engage people of all ages in the act of listening. All that is needed to participate is a smartphone and the StoryCorps mobile app.


Ready to record?plate setting with quotes in bowl

  1. Choose someone you love to interview.
  2. Open the StoryCorps app [iTunes or Google Play] and select your questions.
  3. Plan for when and where your interview will take place.
  4. Have a great conversation.
  5. Upload and use the keywords TheGreatListen2016NY, plus any other keywords you see relevant.


Anyone over the age of 13 can participate (with parental consent if you’re under 18). Simply download the StoryCorps app and use the built-in prompts to record and publish an interview over Thanksgiving weekend. There are resources here to help you get the most out of your interview experience.


Help spread the word!

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