No snow? No problem!


Winter has been anything but “white” so far this year and some little ones (and big ones!) are disappointed in the lack of snow. Take some time today to create your own snow-themed fun!



finger writing J in saltThis multi-sensory writing activity from PBS Parents gets kids writing in the “snow” no matter the weather!

In this activity, kids engage both their sense of touch (dragging their fingers through the salt) and sight (revealing color) to practice writing their letters. For older children, try writing math facts in the snow.

Set it up and start writing!



Cotton Swab Snowflakes from Salsa Pie for PBS Parents
Every snowflake is unique in this simple craft. See how to make it!

snowflake ornament made with cut cotton swab sticks



No Snow in the Land of Snow from SUPER WHY!

Join Princess Presto and the other Super Readers as they use their spelling skills to save the day in the Land of Snow. Help Princess Presto to sound out and spell the word SNOW and stop the Mouse King from taking away the snow. Princess Presto to the rescue!