PBS KIDS 24/7 comes to WSKG-2


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PBS Kids Programming on WSKG

We are pleased to announce a new service to our community. On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, WSKG launched new, free 24/7 multiplatform children’s services. In collaboration with PBS, the free services include a new TV channel, a live stream on digital platforms and an interactive gaming feature, which will debut later in 2017. Together, these new services will support our mission to reach all children with high-quality educational content.American's most trusted shows

This free 24/7 channel and live stream ensures that PBS KIDS educational media is available to all families, all the time and via a platform that works for them. Given that 54% of all children nationwide do not have the opportunity to attend preschool, providing access is a critical element of our public service mission.

As the media brand ranked by parents as the most trusted and relied upon for school readiness, offering content across multiple digital platforms is an important way to serve all of America’s families. Research confirms that PBS KIDS educational programming helps children build critical skills that enable them to find success in school and life.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released new guidelines to help families balance media and everyday life, placing greater emphasis on the quality of the media kids interact with, rather than the quantity, and pointing to PBS KIDS as the leading resource for educational programming.

Broadcast over the air on channel 46.2 in Binghamton and 30.2 in Corning and on channel 1275 on most Time Warner Digital Cable systems, WSKG PBS KIDS will replace WSKG World programming (see UPDATE below). A complete channel listing is available at WSKG.org/frequencies.

About the change from WSKG World

UPDATE, 2/14: WSKG has received overwhelming feedback from viewers who really miss WSKG World. We’re investigating alternatives that we hope will make everyone happy. A change is expected to be implemented within a few weeks.

The replacement of WSKG World with WSKG PBS KIDS was a decision that was made to better serve the WSKG community. Because most children’s viewing takes place between 6 and 10 pm on weeknights and on weekend afternoons and evenings we believe this switch to PBS KIDS from World is the right choice for our community.


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19 thoughts on “PBS KIDS 24/7 comes to WSKG-2

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  2. As a sustaining member I’d like to register my displeasure with this development. PBSKids is already available on Time Warner Cable, DirecTV and Dush, so the only viewers you’re targeting with this are broadcast viewers. Also, how am I going to get to watch the PBS News Hour now, since I often don’t get home from work until after 7 pm? Finally, if you’re getting rid of a channel, why not Create? No offense, but it’s nothing but cooking and craft show reruns.

    • Dear Mr. Baker,

      Thanks for writing.

      This was a decision not taken lightly, as we realize World has many loyal viewers. However, easy access to PBS’ high-quality children’s programming has been a high priority for WSKG for a long time. While we did consider simply adding a third “sub-channel,” this move would have taken quality away from our main WSKG HD channel, which we decided against. While we realize the change will disappoint some people, like you, we’ve decided that our mission commitment to helping young people is too important to not broadcast the new channel.

      As you may be aware, WSKG Passport is available for online viewing of much of the material that has appeared on World. To learn more about WSKG Passport, visit this web page:
      http://wskg.org/passport .

      Thanks for watching,

      Greg Keeler

  3. Sad to lose this invaluable channel. Many kids can learn from the science, history, and cultural presentations. There are so many kids shows on everywhere but World was unique. Whatever your reasons, seem short sighted to the educational benefit.

  4. How disappointing that at a time where media is filled with alternative facts and no depth that you discontinue my primary source of news.

  5. I agree with Martin Baker. I understand children need programming for many more hours of the day than what is currently provided but why keep the kids shows on after 10pm? Can’t you play World Channel shows from 9 or 10pm until 5am? I feel that would be a good compromise. Or as Martin pointed out, replace Create. Which is by far the weakest of all the PBS channels. You could even start playing a mix of Create and World programs. Honestly anything is better than doing away with World completely.

  6. I agree with the other comments. I enjoyed World Channel very much. Now we have childrens programming on 46.1 and 46.2. No child will be watching childrens programming at ten at night. Why can you not make some sort of compromise and put World on at nine on said:

    Daniel Barron

  7. We get few TV channels, and no internet, and WORLD was one of our favorites for quality programs - is this related to the new US administration? Understand if kids watch TV should be quality programming, but they should be watching less TV, or other media on said:


  8. I just waited a day and edited out most of my comments related to the new Administration. Based on the post made in the meantime, I guess I wasn’t alone in my thinking.

    The fact that you didn’t immediately update the listings you provided to Time Warner for the on screen guide reminds one that the monthly themes on World will be sorely missed.
    You removed access to the Black History month material that is exclusive to the World Channel right on the heels of the racist Executive Order put in to effect by the federal government.

    Just because the Idiot-in-Chief needs his daughter to “interpret” the big words doesn’t mean the rest of us (including children over the age of 8) can’t understand the content of and get educated by the plethora of documentaries on the World Channel.
    At a time like this, disseminating this information is even more important than ever.
    Education is essential and does not end at age eight.

    Does EVERYTHING have to be dumbed down to 184 character thoughts in our new world to accommodate visceral, impulsive individuals in charge with ADHD?
    Speaking of ADD, aren’t you afraid that offering two channels featuring children’s programming for the majority of the day will in itself cause stress and anxiety to the little ones who can’t decide which of the two channels to watch?

    Being 49 years old, I grew up on Sesame Street from its beginning and wound up with a Bachelor’s degree.
    I certainly don’t begrudge this next generation access to quality commercial-free programming.

    I have noticed that when you run marathons of Downton Abbey or Sherlock Holmes, you flip flop two of your channels (as evidenced by the corner logos) so the content that is pushed out of the way is still available.
    Couldn’t you do something similar to what others are suggesting and run each channel for part of the day?
    But above all, only air one channel of Kids programming at a time.
    Do you really want to encourage children to watch TV at one or two in the morning?
    Don’t you know poor sleeping habits lead to obesity?
    Air World when the primary WSKG is airing Kids programming during the day from 6am to 6pm AND air World when the kids should certainly be asleep.
    I don’t know any kids working second or third shift jobs but I certainly know some adults that do.

    It is admirable to air Kids programming during the core hours that kids actually watch TV (in the early evening just like the rest of the family).
    But your execution is misguided, redundant for 12 hours each day and depriving the rest of the community (including those same kids in a few short years) from having access to quality commercial-free programming in the process.
    Is this what WSKG will be like in the age of “that man”.

  9. The removal of the World Channel is a disaster and I am saying this as a mom of two young children (3 & 5). We are without cable and do not have reliable Internet access to be able to watch programming online as suggested. I miss the world channel, it was the channel we had on 90% of the time. Create could take a hike, talk about bad picture quality, the Martha Stewart show that’s on right now is so fuzzy it’s worthless. A 4th WSKG channel, 30.4? to replace the audio channels would have been a better choice.

  10. Your change to 24/7 cartoons on World Channel was very disappointing. You already had cartoons on 46.1 during the hours and days of the week when they were most likely to be viewed or used by educators. Again – I think you made a MISTAKE

  11. I am extremely disappointed and dismayed by WSKG’s decision to replace World channel with 24/7 kids cartoons. I have two small children who enjoy PBS children’s programming, however we limit our children’s viewing time. They do NOT need to have access to cartoons around the clock. World channel has been an important resource for my family. We believe it is important to know what is going on in the world beyond American news casts. Also, the documentaries were thought provoking and helped connect us to people who are different from us, helping us to see things from a different perspective. Please bring World channel back, or at the very least compromise and put it on later in the evening when children should be in bed anway!! We will not financially support WSKG until World channel is re-established.

  12. I agree with the comments that have been posted. 24/7 cartoons don’t make any sense other that savings in your operating budget. At least tell it like it is. Costs are increasing and support is not. This viewer very unhappy with the alternate facts stated in the explanation for the change. I don’t think this member is inclined to offer more support for less programing content. Bad decisions folks.

    To use Passport with our computer consumes the data allowance which we are burdened with using satellite access to the internet. We’d rather use that data to stream movies.

    Why won’t these comments post?

  13. I completely disagree with PBS Kids, as before 6 pm, we lose all the great PBS World programs and documentaries, travel shows that we have loved before

    Not all of your viewers are parents or have children, and I do not understand why you wish to discriminate against those of us who do not have children, to favour a minority that do not likely have their kids watching this programming anyways

  14. Incredibly sad to lose such great programming. Your suggestion that we can view world programming on passport is insulting. Why not put the children's programs on passport and have the few who want children's shows at 2 am in the morning to access it? I on said:

    Lily P.

  15. As someone who has a 4-year-old and does not have cable, I am very happy to have reliable, quality programming as an option for my child while I’m inaccessible to him (cooking dinner, fulfilling necessary household tasks, for example). It’s impossible to be “on” all the time as a parent, and it’s a relief to know PBS Kids will be on all the time. Moving into town a year ago we were disappointed to no longer have the programming available when we needed it–this is a great gift.

  16. Dear Greg;
    It’s been much more than a “few weeks” from the date of the January note saying that you were working to bring the world channel back (at least some of it). Are you still working on that? Thanks, Harriet

    • Dear Harriet: Happy to say we signed on over-the-air delivery yesterday (3/9) of WSKG World on channel 46.4 in Binghamton, 30.4 in Elmira. We’re waiting to hear from the cable companies about placement of World (which is required, as far as we understand). Once we know a channel number for World on cable, we’ll be making a big PR announcement on the air and on our web site. Thanks so much for your patience! –Greg

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