'School Sleuth' Investigates Tech in the Classroom


Our world is increasingly wired to, and driven by, technology. Our homes, our entertainment, cars, hospitals, marketplaces, even our wallets are now technologically “smart,” but how about our children’s classrooms and their teachers? Do students have access to today’s best software and latest systems? Are teachers and schools keeping up, or are they overwhelmed by the choices? Can technology and traditional teaching methods co-exist in a new blended learning environment? This looks like a case for the School Sleuth!

In this program, veteran PBS Newshour Education Correspondent John Merrow – AKA the School Sleuth – is back, determined to get to the bottom of another classroom caper. The Peabody Award winning character, last seen in 2001’s The Case of an Excellent School, is a hard-boiled detective who investigates schools, searching for the best and exposing the worst. This time he’s hired to find out how technology is used — and misused — in education. To solve the case, the Sleuth goes inside schools around the country to uncover what happens when schools get wired.

Watch on WSKG TV March 12, 2016 at 5:30am.