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Kids in Motion is part of WSKG Public Media’s Working on Wellness project. WSKG and partners Binghamton City School District, Broome-Tioga BOCES and the Broome County Health Department created lessons and media clips based upon Movement in the Classroom Physical Education curriculum.

These video segments range in length from five to fifteen minutes demonstrating simple yet meaningful movement activities that are easily replicable in the classroom, after school or home setting.

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This collection includes over 50 videos and lessons covering a wide variety of curriculum including, Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, The Arts and World Languages. These videos and lessons are geared towards grades Kindergarten through 5th.

The Binghamton University Center for Applied Community Research and Development evaluated implementation of Kids in Motion media in K-5 classrooms, assessing if physical activity increased during the school day in classrooms utilizing Kids In Motion media segments.  Binghamton University compared classrooms using Kids In Motion videos versus non-video classrooms to assess effectiveness of using movement and media in the classroom. Research shows on average, classrooms that implemented Kids In Motion videos increased student movement by 270%.

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Kindergarten to Second Grade

Marvin K. Mooney
Brain Break – I See Animals
The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything
Sight Word Spelling
School Day Fitness
Fitness Colors

Second to Fifth Grade

Deal or No Deal
Musical Math Facts
Tour Through New York State
Dice Fitness
UNO Fitness
Move that Math

Third to Fifth Grade

50 States Part 1
50 States Part 2
Brain Break | I See Sports
Antonyms and Synonyms
Odd Todd & Even Steven
Meet My Muscles- Lower Body
Meet My Muscles- Upper Body
Water Cycle Fitness
Are You Stronger Than a 5th Grade Teacher?
Action Verbs
Fun In Fitness
Music Fitness Part 1
Music Fitness Part 2
Active Deck of Cards







Kindergarten to Fifth Grade

Spanish Action Verbs
Butterfly Life Cycle Fitness
Season Fitness
Rock Paper Scissors
Mystery Bag Fitness
Twelve Days of Fitness
Memory Lane Fitness
Mandarin Movement
Fitness Charades
Music Break- Wipeout
Music Break- Waving Flag
Jumping Math
Animal Fitness
Sports Fitness
Survival Fitness
Vacation Fitness
Weather Fitness
Fitness Bingo
Minute to Win It
Wheel of Fitness
Birthday Fitness


Kids in Motion is supported by the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation.

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